Prime wardrobe

Amazon’s answer to online clothing issue could be the end for many…
It’s not conceivable that this kind of solution has born by a linear processing path to the clothing online-buying issue.

Simply think about complexity of storage 1 to n sizes for each item and the intersection of availability / wrapping / delivery… crazy stuff!
Bezos can afford to imagine an experience that is not allowed for competition.
And that’s why “Where Amazon grows, all the others fail”.
And that’s why Amazon has surpassed Apple store in customer experience.

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What do you think about the salesman?

I keep on reading several articles about AI: social and ethic issues, poverty and richness… and an endless amount of chatters around the real matter.

We have realized (and still improving) intelligent machines to live in a better way.

It is an explicit declaration of intent we must be responsible of.

When we invented cars we extimated pollution, don’t we?

I think we should have wider awareness. So let me try to fix a couple of thoughts.

Un portachiavi in pelle nero

Sono almeno 2 mesi che sto cercando un portachiavi in pelle nero come dico io.
Diciamo che almeno una settimana metto nella buca di ricerca di Amazon: “portachiavi pelle nero” con qualche variante…
Poi accidentalmente clicco una sola volta su un oggetto che serve a proteggere lo sportello dell’auto quando la metti in garage e hai poco spazio. Tipo un pannello in gomma adesivo su un lato.
Da un anno e qualche mese sono anche diventato papà e quindi non manco di fare acquisti per mia figlia: i salvacassetti, i ricambi del cosiddetto mangiapannolini”, Titti il peluche da 60cm, bavaglini usa e getta…